Friday, November 16, 2018


CFEvo Schedule Update: We’re replacing the 10:30 am class on Saturday with a 7:30 am class instead effective immediately! Now y’all can come workout way earlier!

Thanksgiving Schedule: We’ll be open for an 8 am and a 9:30 am class next Thursday, Nov 22. Regular hours the rest of the week.

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 superset with Climbing Board, then

For time:
50 One Arm Snatches (total reps; 35/25)
40 Wall Balls 
30 One Arm Snatches 
20 Wall Balls 
10 One Arm Snatches

50 Wall Balls 
40 One Arm Snatches (total reps; 55/35)
30 Wall Balls 
20 One Arm Snatches 
10 Wall Balls

Extra: Barski Snatch or practice MSn + PSn + SqSn.