Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ben with a 385 Front Squat

Ben with a 385 Front Squat

There will be no classes this Saturday, October 14.
CFEvo is hosting CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar.

Every 60-90 seconds with increasing loads do:
 Snatch + Hang Power Snatch
   If time permits do a few extra Snatches once Hang Power Snatch fails, then

How high can you go up the ladder in 8 minutes of:
 1 Chest To Bar Pull-up
  1 Jerk (use the same bar or pick load)
   2 Chest To Bar Pull-ups
    2 Jerks
     3 Chest To Bar Pull-ups
      3 Jerks...

For Rx+ do Bar Muscle Ups.

Extra: DB Bench Press & 1 arm Rows 10-10-10...