Monday, August 29, 2016



Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes do:
 Rx: Chest To Bar Pull-up -> Pull-up -> Toes To Bar
  Rx+: Bar Muscle Up -> Chest To Bar Pull-up -> Toes To Bar

How high up the ladder can you go in 15 minutes of:
1 Handstand Push-up (strict; 25's+ABMAT/10's+ABMAT)
 1 Weighted Step-up (each side; pick loads)
  1 Renegade Row (each side; same load)
2 Handstand Push-ups
 2 Weighted Step-ups
  2 Renegade Rows

For Rx+ do HSPU's on 45's+ABMAT/25's+ABMAT; 
Alternating Pistols (each side) & use at least 55's/35's for Renegade Rows

Extra: Back Squat 3x3 at the same load; no belts, not all out.