Our Vegan Page

If you are already vegan or considering vegan, start here to get help for your journey. We have 2 Coaches who are vegan, and they are ready to help you reach your goals: Kellie and Kay.
If you need extra coaching, Monique is available. If you need a custom meal plan or have health issues, Tejal is also available.

6 Week Vegan Challenge

What Is A Vegan Diet?
It's an entirely plant-based diet. Everything must come from the plant kingdom. NOTE: meat-free processed junk foods are still not healthy for you and are not plant-based but instead mostly chemical man-made stuffs with some plants. Avoid those or at least use in moderation.
Example: We know that eating a lot of cheese is not a good idea. Neither is eating a lot of vegan cheese. A vegan doughnut... is still a doughnut. You won't get or stay lean or reap the benefits of a vegan lifestyle by scarfing those down.

Why Do People Choose Vegan Diets?
There are many reasons and here are some of them: moral or philosophical reasons, religious reasons, they believe it is healthier, they believe it's better for the environment, and/or they believe & support animal rights. That's not an all-inclusive list by the way.

What's So Great About It?
First, it is healthy. Plant-based diets will provide high amounts of certain vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, & more. When you fill up on more plant-food... you end up not having room for foods that are usually higher in fat and sugar. This means you get more healthy stuff and less bad stuff (excessive fat & sugar). 

So I Just Give Up Meat & Dairy?
Hold on there! You give up meat, eggs, dairy, & all healthy diet protocols will also give up alcohol & processed foods. You also need to be aware of the deficiencies created when going vegan... and you just need to supplement with plant-based supplements.
Dietary Protein - aka protein shakes
Vitamin B-12 - only found in animal foods
Calcium - absorption is hindered by a vegan diet unless you are specifically targeting high calcium leafy veggies
Omega-3 - get this from flax, hemp, walnuts, seaweed, salba, etc
Vit D - found in few foods, and when going vegan, you will need a fortified variety... OR... get a ton of sun
CAUTION: soy protein
Most plant-based diets rely on soy for protein... know that eating large quantities of soy can compromise thyroid function, especially when iodine is not present.

How To Do It...

1. Eat REAL food. Limit the made-made processed stuff.
2. Eat all the colors of fruits & veggies... there really is a wondrous variety out there!
3. Eat a high protein food with most meals: include beans, spouted grain bread, seitan, tempeh, nuts, avocado, peas, collards, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and the all important plant-based protein shakes (hemp, pea, soy, or rice)
4. Use this SUPER awesome vegan website for recipes: Oh She Glows
5. Be sure to use the "allergies" filter to sort for gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, etc
6. Download this HANDY app to go with the above website: The APP 

Final Note: As the author of this webpage (Monique Ames), I want to say that while I am not vegan nor vegetarian, I do support others that make that decision. While it's not necessary to avoid meat to achieve all the health benefits of a vegan diet, more and more people do it for additional reasons (see above)... and I am here to help you, wherever you are in your fitness, nutrition, & health journey. I hope that this page is helpful & enjoyable for you!!  


6 Week Vegan Challenge details:

Starts: TBD
Ends: TBD
Includes: Before & After weigh-in, body fat %, muscle %, visceral fat, & body measurements
Cost: $40.00

Weigh-ins are scheduled individually with Kellie or Kay, and are 15 minute sessions.
Initial weigh-in must be scheduled/completed within 3 days of the official start.
Final weigh-in must be schedule/completed within 3 days of the last day.
You should take a before & after pic of front view and side view.

Use this challenge to motivate you to stick to a plan of eating better or use it to jumpstart your health & fitness.

Is this just for weight loss?
No. This is about total body change! It's about feeling better and living better. It's also about feeling better when you exercise or feel like you can dominate your workouts.

Whether you are changing everything: fitness, diet, & nutritional supplements... or just starting with ONE thing... it's most important to just start. Also, anyone can do this for extra accountability & support, to motivate them to stick to their goals for 6 weeks. 

No Purchases Are Required To Start.

There are 3 Options for Getting Started:


Just the weigh-ins
cost: $40

- Before & After Weigh-ins

Use our FREE information available on this page or follow your own meal plan and use the challenge to keep you accountable and give you motivation to succeed.


jump start
Cost: $105

- Before & After Weigh-ins
- Vegan Starter Guide & Recipe Booklet
- “Power Couple” bundle includes:
support for weight loss via fat burning, sugar craving control, & appetite control; also energy boost and digestive support.


Cost: $165

- Before & After Weigh-ins
- Vegan Starter Guide & Recipe Booklet
- Weight Loss Bundle includes:
Slim+, Lean, Vegan Shake, Sleep, & Hydrate… everything you need to put you on the right track. Better sleep, better energy, better nutrition on the go, better weight loss support.