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It's hard to start because most people don't know what to do or think everything has to be "just right". There's no "right" time. And time is not waiting for you... it just passes year after year.

Make your health a priority. Get healthy now. Everything else will feel easier even if it's not.

We will meet you where you are in your health & fitness journey. Keep reading to see our options for starting this 6 week nutrition challenge.

6 Week Teacher Nutrition Challenge
Sept 21 - Nov 2

We have been running 6 week beginner challenges for the last 2 years at CrossFit Evolution and we have been consistently amazed at the results of the challengers in JUST 6 weeks. What did they do? They did beginner classes 3 days a week and they changed their diets by following our 6 week Paleo meal plan or our Paleo cooking chart. Were they perfect? Nope. Winning is about having more good days than bad days. What kind of results did they achieve? Some lost over 20 lbs. Most lost 10 lbs. We've seen body fat % drop over 7% while muscle % went up 3%. We've also seen 6.5" lost from the waist and 7.0" lost from the hips.
These are PHENOMENAL results in just 6 weeks!  

6 Week Teacher Nutrition Challenge details:

Starts: Fri, September 21
Ends: November 2
Includes: Before & After weigh-in, body fat %, muscle %, visceral fat, & body measurements
Cost: $40.00

Weigh-ins are scheduled individually and are 20 minute sessions.
Initial weigh-in must be scheduled/completed within 2 days of the official start.
Final weigh-in must be schedule/completed within 2 days of the last day.
We recommend that you take before & after photos of front view & side view.
To be considered for prizes, you must complete the weigh-ins at the gym and on time.

Did someone say PRIZES?
Prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place. 
Only the TOP 5 in consideration will be asked to submit their Before & After photos.
Selection is based on overall combination of weight lost, inches lost, body fat % lost, & visual change.
Judging will be done by CFEvo Staff. 

Is this just for weight loss?
No. This is about total body change! We are looking for the best body transformations. A winner could be someone who only lost 5 lbs on the scale but dropped 10% body fat and inches all over their body... leading to a very different body. Also, anyone can do this for extra accountability & support, to motivate them to stick to their goals for 6 weeks. 


1st Place : $410.00 value Prize Pack
3 personal training sessions + 1 month of 3x/wk CrossFit + Advocare spark pack & MRS* box
*meal replacement shake

2nd Place : $255.00 value Prize Pack
3 personal training sessions + Advocare spark pack & rehydrate pack

3rd Place : $85.00 value Prize Pack
1 personal training session + Advocare Spark pack

Personal training sessions are 45 min duration and can be our Foundations program or personalized to your goals.
You can choose the flavors for the Advocare supplements.

No Purchases Are Required To Enter.

There are 3 Options for Signing up:


Just the weigh-ins
cost: $40

- Before & After Weigh-ins

Use all of our FREE information available HERE or even do your own nutrition plan or protocol and use the challenge to keep you accountable and give you motivation to succeed.


Cost: $160

- Before & After Weigh-ins
- Initial 20 minute Consult in person or via phone
- Extra Week 3 Weigh-in
- 6 Week Meal Plan & Guide
- 3 Wk Transformation Journal & Guide
- Advocare supplements for the 1st 3 weeks to give you a jumpstart (retail value $160).


One/80 program
Cost: $525

Note: the $525 will be broken into 3 payments of $160, $182, & $182

- Before & After Weigh-ins
- Initial 20 minute Consult in person or via phone
- Extra Week 3 Weigh-in
- Extra Day 80 Weigh-in
- 6 Week Meal Plan & Guide
- 80 Day Transformation Journal & Guide
- Advocare supplements for 80 days... to give you a jumpstart and then keep you on track for the duration of the challenge and beyond (retail value $525).
- And... Choose One:
A) 3 personal training sessions
B) 80 days of online nutrition coaching & 12 weekly phone check-ins w/ Monique