8 Week Nutrition Challenge

Clients always amaze us with their results in our 30 day or 6 week challenges... especially during their 1st 3 weeks, when their resolve is strongest. What did they do? They worked out 3 days a week and they changed their diets. Were they perfect? Nope.
Winning is about having more good days than bad days. What kind of results did they achieve? We saw 10-20 lbs weight loss;
3-7% fat loss; and 1-3% muscle gain. We've also seen 6-7 inches lost from the waist and hips each.
These are PHENOMENAL results in a such a short time!  

8 Week Nutrition Challenge details:

Starts: August 2019
Ends: 8 weeks later
Includes: Before & After weigh-in, body fat %, muscle %, visceral fat, & body measurements
Cost: $40.00

We CHALLENGE you to clean out your fridge, freezer, & pantry… and get your mind right and prepare yourself to do your absolute BEST during these 4 weeks!

$40 covers the cost of the official weigh-ins, performed by gym staff on our Omron monitor.
Weigh-ins must be completed within 2 days of the official start & end dates.
Photos not required, but trust us… you should always take a BEFORE pic.
No product purchase is required!

Is this just for weight loss?
No. This is about total body change! Challenges set the stage for producing the best body transformations. This means reducing your body fat while gaining muscle, which sometimes means the weight on the scale changes very little but the measurements and your photos will show the real deal. Also, anyone can do this for extra accountability & support, to motivate them to stick to their goals & build good habits for 4 weeks.

Final reminder: to gauge accurate body transformation, you should always look at the scale weight, fat %, muscle %, measurements, photos, clothes fit, energy level, and how you feel in general… and also how you perform in the gym and in life. 

No Purchases Are Required To Enter. 

3 Options for Signing up:


Just the weigh-ins
cost: $40

- Before & After 8 Weeks Weigh-in Only

Use all of our FREE information available HERE or do your own thing and use the challenge to keep you accountable and give you motivation to succeed.


COST: $105-165

- Before & After 8 Weeks Weigh-in
- Paleo Guide & Meal Plan
- 4 Week Supply of…
“Power Couple” bundle includes:
support for weight loss via fat burning, sugar craving control, & appetite control; also energy boost and digestive support.
”Weight Loss Stack” bundle includes:
Slim+, Lean, Shake (grassfed whey or vegan), Sleep, & Hydrate… everything you need to put you on the right track. Better sleep, better energy, better nutrition on the go, better weight loss support.

as featured in People magazine

8 Week ALL IN
COST: $210-330

- Before & After 8 Week Weigh-in
- Extra Weigh-in at 4 Week mark
- Paleo Guide & Meal Plan
- 8 Week supply of…
”Power Couple” bundle $210
”Weight Loss Stack” bundle $330