Macro Coaches at CrossFit Evolution are not registered and licensed dietitians, and we are not doctors. We cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or health conditions or issues. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. HOWEVER... we do have a Registered & Licensed Dietitian on staff, who can write meals plans and assist those with medical issues who need nutritional guidance, special diets, or medical nutrition therapy.


Working with a Macro Coach means someone will work with you to help you learn the basics of healthy nutrition and learn how to build healthy habits in order to reach your goals. This is an online program, so no matter where you are, you CAN do this. Also, no matter your fitness level... training or not training yet... you can still do this. We believe that to reach your goals, whatever they are, you'll need: Education, Motivation, & Support. Everyone benefits from:

1) Basic Nutrition Info: Eat more whole foods and eat less processed foods... see our Paleo page for a solid foundation but keep in mind that regardless of your eating style (vegan, vegetarian, Paleo/Primal, gluten-free, etc)... everyone benefits from learning about basic nutrition. 

2) Behavior Change: Build healthy habits like drink water every day, cook meals at home, eat more veggies, etc... this is actually the hard part. Many people have some ideas about basic nutrition but have no idea how to make it fit their lifestyle. This is where your Macro Coach really shines for you. Our program is built upon the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

3) Macros aka Flexible Dieting: Learn how to eat the foods you want and like, via weighing & tracking your food intake. You decide what you eat and how much of it you want to eat... we will teach you how to measure and track it.

4) Support: Your Macro Coach will help you navigate your journey and teach you how to make better choices so you can reach your goals. You'll get unlimited email, text, FB chat, and even phone support from your Macro Coach. 


Look at the chart above. The most important thing in ANY diet or nutrition program will always be consistency. Consistency is throughout your day, your week, and your month. When you are more on track than off track... that's when you'll see the results that you are looking for. A Macro Coach will help you stay consistent, even when you really don't want to. A Macro Coach will also keep you focused on building healthy habits that are based on your Nutrition Adherence level: beginner to advanced. 


Do I Have To Keep A Food Log: 
You can't make healthy changes if you are not recording it. Some people do old-fashioned food logs w/ pen & paper. Others use an online diary where they can record food items & rough serving sizes... and some apps will snap a pic and log it. However, weighing & tracking on an app like MyFitnessPal really rocks... once you get used to it. Not everyone is ready for weighing & tracking all their food, and that's okay. Nutshell: yes, you need to keep a food log, but it's your choice which style you prefer.

Do I Have To Follow A Specific Diet:
No. There is no specific diet agenda forced on anyone. In fact, we want you to learn how to make better food choices on your own. No food is off limits either, but unless you want to be starving & lethargic... you'll find that your diet should focus on whole foods vs processed foods, and we do recommend Paleo as a base. Vegetarians can also benefit from improving their nutritional habits that suit their food preference.  

How Long Will It Take To See Results:
It takes time to get used to any new program and build consistency. CONSISTENCY. That's where the "magic" is. Day in and day out... do what NEEDS to be done... and it'll all come together. This is also why Macros Coaching is a 3 month minimum to start. 

What Kind Of Support Do I Get:
Your Macro Coach will answer all your questions as they come up, via email... text... FB chat... or even phone if needed. Our job is to get you set up, and then hold you accountable. In fact, the fees you pay, are for the day-to-day motivation, support, reminders, accountability, follow-ups, answering all your questions, and keeping you on track with your goals. You'll have unlimited email/text/chat/phone access to them and online weekly check-ins. If you want additional options like in-office weigh-ins, bodyfat%, measurements, & face-time... we have a GOLD package for you.

Will I Get A Meal Plan:
Not an personalized one, not from a Macro Coach. A personalized (made just for you) Meal Plan can only be crafted by a Licensed & Registered Dietitian. If you need or want a special meal plan(s), please contact Tejal Parekh, MS, RD, LD/N... contact info at bottom. If you are interested in "basic getting healthy" meal plans, there are 2 plans you can use: a 6 Week Plan or a 30-60 Day Plan: HERE   

I Have Cancer (Diabetes, Anorexia, Kidney issue, any medical issue), Can You Help Me With A Special Diet:
Only our Licensed & Registered Dietitian Tejal Parekh, MS, RD, LD/N can assist you with that... contact info at bottom.

Who Is This Program For:
Working with a Macro Coach is for anyone who is looking for basic nutrition education, looking for motivation and reminders, and/or looking for support to reach their goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger, improve performance to compete... or GET ABS... coaching is the way to go!!

Reminder: this is an online aka remote coaching program... you do not need to be a member of the gym and you do not even need to be in the same state. You also do not need to be exercising right now, but we can help you with that when you are ready... here at our gym or remotely.

Monique Ames   2017 & 2016 USA Weightlifting National Masters Champion, Gold; 2017 USA American Masters Champion, Gold; 2016 Pan American Games, Silver. Dropping weight safely while getting stronger for competitions.

Monique Ames
2017 & 2016 USA Weightlifting National Masters Champion, Gold; 2017 USA American Masters Champion, Gold; 2016 Pan American Games, Silver. Dropping weight safely while getting stronger for competitions.

MACRO Coaching Options:

Not currently accepting new clients

Contact Coach Monique: 
EMAIL or Call 321-202-3716

NUTRITION:     with an RD, LD/N


Tejal Parekh

Registered & Licensed Dietitian
Licensed Nutritionist
Specialist in Oncology Nutrition
Medical Nutrition Therapy
EMAIL or Call: 321-438-2831

For those who want or need a personalized meal plan or those that have a medical or health issue (ex: diabetes, cardiac event, cancer, etc) and are in need of a specialized meal plan or individualized nutrition coaching.

Learn more about WHY one would choose a Registered & Licensed Dietitian:

$95 In-Office Consultation
$80 Phone Consultation, 50 min
$45 One-day meal plan


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