Days:        Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday
Times:      6:00 - 7:00 pm
Ages:        5 - 12

3x/wk = $70/mo 1st kid, $35/mo each additional
2x/wk = $50/mo 1st kid, $25/mo each additional
1x/wk = $30/mo 1st kid, $15/mo each additional 

Kids Classes are only open to gym members' children.
Convenient FREE Daycare is provided at both class times.
Convenient CrossFit classes (for YOU) are also available during the kids classes.
No drop-ins allowed. No day switching.
Kids must be registered before their 1st class.
Contact Monique to sign-up: 321-202-3716

Print & Fill out the Kids Waiver & Kids Intake Questionnaire. Please drop off before the 1st class or EMAIL to


Exercise VS Training for our Kids Classes
Exercise is simply getting the body moving. Training is preparing the body to do something. While all kids can benefit from Training, they must start with exercise first. Exercise is low-impact and easier to learn. This makes it more fun for them and will allow us to include many different ages together. There's nothing wrong with staying in Exercise mode, some kids and adults alike, prefer it. But then again, some kids and adults also prefer Training, with more work, effort, & discipline... in order to get better results in something. Neither way is best... it's personal preference. 

Our kids classes are focused on introducing your kids to exercise, work, and fun. Each class will be 45 minutes and is supervised at all times. There is no barbell work involved or advanced movements, that is left to our CrossFit Classes (Training). There will be a group warm-up, instruction on proper form, skill work, and then a workout or a game.

Our classes are meant to be fun for your kids with an emphasis on praise for doing good work. There is no emphasis on strength training, other than body weight mastery. For more physically advanced kids, looking for more coaching & training or sport-specific work, then I recommend they get started with basics in our Kids classes and then move into the adult classes with approval from the Kids Class Head Coach Monique.

Our kids classes are for kids ages 5 through 12. 
We are open to discuss & evaluate younger and older kids for this program, on a case-by-case basis. Generally, teens are happier in the adult classes and are welcome there. NOTE: Ages 13-14 must be in class with an adult. Ages 15 up can be in adult classes on their own.

Contact Monique with any questions: