4 Week
Jump Start

COST: $105.00 Power Couple bundle
COST: $165.00 Weight Loss Stack bundle


- (1) Before & (1) After 8 Week Weigh-in
- Starter Guide & Recipe Booklet - VEGAN … or …
- Starter Guide & Meal Plan - PALEO
- 4 Week Supply of…

“Power Couple” bundle:
includes support for weight loss via fat burning, sugar craving control, & appetite control; also energy boost and digestive support.


”Weight Loss Stack” bundle:
includes Slim+, Lean, Shake (grassfed whey or vegan), Sleep, & Hydrate… everything you need to put you on the right track. Better sleep, better energy, better nutrition on the go, better weight loss support.

- Supplement coaching included

Nutrition coaching NOT included.


Weigh-ins are done at the gym and must be scheduled, no walk-ins please.
Weigh-ins include body weight, body fat %, muscle %, visceral fat, and body measurements.
Weigh-in sessions are 15 minutes max.
The "Before" weigh-in is within 2 days of Day 1 Start of the Nutrition Challenge.
The "After" weigh-in is within 2 days of the last day of the Nutrition Challenge.

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