step 1: New Member Intro

Call 321-202-3716 or email or fill out the form (way) below to schedule your free 30 minute Intro. Print & fill out the Waiver and Intake Questionnaire, and bring it with you to the appointment. Don't have a printer? Just give us a heads up, arrive 10-15 min early, & fill it out at the gym. Do you have over 6 months of CrossFit & weightlifting experience? Then let us know when you schedule the INTRO and you’ll get the chance to PROVE IT.

What To Expect:
A) Consultation: 10 min
Discuss your goals and what you’re looking for.

B) Gym Tour & Warm-up Demo: 10 min
Try our warm-up and get some coaching to see how we roll.

C) Wrap-Up: 10 min
Discuss exercise, nutrition, & supplement options to find out what is best for you.

Change Your Life With Fitness. 


step 2: foundations

New Members joining the gym need to learn the basics of the CrossFit lifts (aka The Barbell Checklist) and our general CrossFit exercises before joining the regular classes. We will teach you safety and the mechanics of proper movement. When you join classes, the Coaches will know you are a Beginner and they will adjust the workouts for you accordingly.

Foundation Sessions are 45 min long. We'll start with our Basic Warm-Up, practice lifts from The Barbell Checklist and our General CrossFit Exercises, then finish with a short workout. Check out our Foundations Program: HERE, to see what it looks like.



step 3: classes

Our classes are for mixed levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, & competitor. No matter where you are... you will fit in because the Coaches will always adjust the training as needed for each person. See our Class Schedule: HERE

Unlock Your Potential.


Foundations Training = $180.00 / 3 sessions
Nutrition Session = $60 / 1 hour

Monthly Memberships - No Contracts
2x/week..... $109/month  
3x/week..... $159/month
Unlimited..... $189/month

6 Month Pay In Full = Save 10%
2x/week..... $588 total....... save $66
3x/week..... $858 total....... save $96
Unlimited..... $1020 total....... save $114

Family Discounts*
1st member full price, 2nd 20% off, 3rd 50% off, 4th 50% off...

Military Active & Veteran, Law Enforcement, FireFighter Discount
15% off

*Discounts are for CrossFit Classes only, not private training. Family discounts are for couples and their dependent child(ren) or a parent and their dependent child(ren).

Not sure what CrossFit is - watch the cool video below:

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule a Consultation - call us at 321-202-3716 or fill out the form below:

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