Better health & wellness can be enjoyed by everyone. Start wherever you are now and start taking steps forward. These steps could be adding exercise, learning about nutrition and eating better, or supplementing your diet with the "missing links" or giving yourself a little jumpstart. 

What's a "missing link"? It's whatever you're missing that is keeping you from being healthy or optimal. "Missing Links" are: more energy, better sleep, better fitness & performance, good digestive health (no bloating), and healthy meals or snacks when on the go or when you are just too busy to eat or eat well. 

While it's best to do "all of the above" steps... sometimes there's just not enough time, money, or help. So just pick one and start. If you don't know what to do, then contact us to help you make the best decision. Do it all under supervision or do what's best for you right now. We can do the fitness training, the nutrition coaching, and the supplementation.

We'll meet YOU wherever you are
in your health & fitness journey. 

The only supplements we use and sell at our gym are ADVOCARE. If you are interested in learning more about improving your health, weight, digestion, energy levels, well-being, sleep, and/or fitness & performance... then contact Monique to learn more or schedule a free consultation:
Email: Monique@CrossFitEvolution.com
Phone: 321-202-3716
Her Store: My Advocare Store 
More about Monique: HERE

Now Launching...
ONE/80 Slim Down Program: lose weight in 80 days

Kortney lost 34 lbs in 80 days with the ONE/80 Slim Down Challenge

All ONE/80 programs include:

- supplements specific to your goal for the entire 80 days
- a transformation journal & diet guide
- daily coaching emails

Everything included in the ONE/80 Slim Down Program: Kick-start your metabolism and control your appetite!

Everything included in the ONE/80 Slim Down Program: Kick-start your metabolism and control your appetite!


- Customized Meal Plan & Guide so you get started on the right foot
- 3 Office Weigh-ins for weight, body fat %, muscle %, visceral fat, & measurements (before, 6 week mark, & end)... AND...
- Weekly Check-ins for accountability

TOTAL COST: $525.00 - $656.00

Get on board as a retail customer or be a preferred customer to get a 20% discount ($525 vs $656). Total cost is for the ONE/80 program and can be broken into 3 payments.

If you need to make a 180 with your health & fitness... then ONE/80 is for you.

You can also learn more about ONE/80 Slim Down HERE

You do NOT need to be a member of the gym or even local to sign up & start. While you can't make use of the office weigh-ins if you are not here... you will still 100% benefit from following this plan, the supplements, and doing the weekly check-ins with a coach!

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