the Paleo diet Meal Plans & Guides

We endorse only 2 Paleo Meal Plans:

Primal Palate's 30-60 Day Meal Plan & Guidebook, 75 pages, $29.00

Paleo Plan's 6 Week Meal Plan & Guidebook, 152 pages, $34.00

Both include "How To's", weekly shopping lists for the Meal Plans, & recipes.
Note: if you are in the New You 6 Week Challenge, the 6 Week Meal Plan is included.


If you fall off, just get back on. It's that simple. This is a lifestyle change. 6 weeks or 60 days of Paleo doesn't have to be crazy restrictive. The better you adhere, the better the results of course. But don't beat yourself up.

For some people, the 1st attempt at the Paleo diet may result in 1 legit paleo meal per day and 2 "off-track" meals. For those used to eating "off-track" most of the time... this is a HUGE WIN. The next attempt at Paleo adherence may result with 2 legit Paleo meals every and 1 "off-track" meal. The next time... maybe legit Paleo meals ALL day and an "off-track" meal every other day... then maybe only 1-2 meals per week or one "off-track" day <-- preferred for lifetime maintenance!

6 Week or 60 Day Paleo Challenges help teach you about eating healthy for the long-term & being consistent. It's about eliminating everything that is not Paleo but that's not permanent (unless you have health issues that warrant staying on Paleo, your doctor will agree with me here!). 

Be MINDFUL of how much processed foods are in your diet: bacon, sausage, deli meat, ready-made condiments & sauces, etc because they contain a slew of chemicals. Chemicals cause fattening & addiction. It's hard to get away from, so pick & choose wisely. 

Plan - Be Prepared - Cook in Bulk - Tupperware It

If/When you are feeling "off", just eat more Paleo approved foods, that usually works. Or maybe you need a little extra sleep. Caution: beware excess Paleo desserts. Dessert is still dessert and meant to be eaten in moderation!