The Coaches, Trainers, & Macro Coaches of CrossFit Evolution are not licensed and registered dieticians, and we are not doctors. We cannot diagnose or treat any medical or health issues. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. HOWEVER... we do have a Licensed & Registered Dietician on staff, who can write meals plans and assist those with medical issues who need nutritional guidance or special diets.

to being able to eat whatever you want... as long as it fits your macros. No food is off limits but unless you want to be starving & lethargic... you'll find that 80% of your daily meals need to actually be whole foods vs processed foods, and I recommend paleo as a base. This is all about weighing your food on a food scale (in ounces or grams), learning to read labels, hitting pre-determined set macro (carbs, protein, fat) #'s, tracking it, and then making adjustments to #'s in a calculated fashion.

Pain in the ass with all the weighing, cooking, tracking... YES! Get you stronger and leaner in the process... YES! You decide what you eat... YES! You can fit treats into your day... YES! It's just worth it on so many levels! 

Once you get the hang of it... like CrossFit... you'll never leave it. Also like CrossFit, there's a learning ramp & a learning curve. You have to give it time. You didn't expect your 1st week of CrossFit to give you a 1st Pull-up or Muscle-Up. So don't expect your 1st week of Macros to drop weight that you put on over months or years. Everything needs to be dialed in. Trust the process... the coach knows what they are doing. Why do you think fitness & weight loss challenges are 12 weeks?? Because it takes time to get used to any new program & build consistency. CONSISTENCY. That's where the "magic" is. Day in & day out... do what NEEDS to be done... and it'll all come together. This is also why we want 3 months with you if you are a beginner to Macros Counting aka Flexible Dieting.

Your macro coach will determine your set macro #'s or limits in protein grams, carbohydrate grams, fat grams, fiber grams, and calories... per day, etc. These #'s are individual... based on age, height, weight, # of training days, training intensity, type of training, your job activity, and many other factors. Once set, these #'s can be adjusted since everyone's actual metabolic rate is different. You may get 1 set of #'s for daily or 3 different #'s for rest day, training day, & refeed day. It's decided by the coach based on your circumstances.

Your macro coach will answer all your questions via email. Our job is to get you set up, and then hold you accountable. In fact, the fees you pay, are for the monthly day-to-day accountability, weekly follow-ups, answering all your questions, and keeping you on track. You'll have unlimited email access to them and weekly check-ins. If you want face time... that's possible too, weekly or monthly.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger, improve performance to compete... or GET ABS... MACROS is the way to go!!

Disclaimer: there's lots of free info on the internet that you can start on... BUT I highly suggest you PAY someone to help you move faster and further. Very few people have been successful with macros on their own when starting out. Of course, you can try it on your own, then contact us when you are ready to start. That works too!


MACROS Service Options:

Monique Ames 
Macros Coach and New You Program Director
2017 & 2016 USA Weightlifting National Masters Champion, Gold; 2016 Pan American Games, Silver.  
Contact: EMAIL or Call 321-202-3716


$225     3 months of Macros Online Coaching

Includes: weekly online check-ins, unlimited daily email support, 3 documents: Welcome letter, Waiver, & a custom Intake Questionnaire; and a food scale is included too. NOTE: set-up on MFP is required, as Monique monitors your food log to know what you are doing. Breaks down to only $75 a month. 


$375     "The GOLD Package"
             3 months of Macros Online Coaching AND Monthly office Check-ins 

Includes: everything from above AND Four (4) 30 minute Check-in session: Day 1 Start, end of Month 1, end of Month 2, end of Month 3 AND Day 1's session will actually be 45 min since we'll go over the MFP app as well. Each session includes weigh-in, measurements, body composition analysis (body weight, muscle weight, bodyfat %, & visceral fat), & discussion. All of this breaks down to $125 a month.


$85       1 Month of Macros Online Coaching  

Includes: weekly online check-ins & unlimited email support to help you reach your goals
Note: Only for those with experience with macros/flexible dieting.


If you have any questions about any of the above Macros Programs,
CALL Monique at 321-202-3716 or EMAIL

Macros Online Coaching w/ Monique

Tejal Parekh 
Licensed & Registered Dietician, EMAIL
Specialty: Personalized Meal Plans
For those who want their calories & meals laid out for them or those that have medical or health issues (ex: diabetes, cardiac event, obesity, cancer) and are in need of a specialized meal plan. Meal plans can be based on any Nutrition protocol, it is not limited to "Macros" only.

$85      In-Office Consultation
$70      Phone Consultation, 50 min
$35      One-day meal plan


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